Cafe Manager

Date : 23/03/2021

Job Description

We are looking for a Cafe Manager to lead all aspects of our business. Cafe Manager responsibilities include:

-Recruit, interview, find employees who are in line with the store's core values.

-Create a good working environment for employees to develop in the working process.

-Proposing appropriate programs depending on the situation of the store to increase sales.

-Receiving cash handover, responsible for bringing in bank deposits

Job Benefits

  • Salary up to 14mil
  • Other benefits

Job Requirements


- Really focus on Customer Care

- Attention to detail

- Should be the image of the restaurant and the leader for the rest of the Team.

- Good oral and written English.  

How to apply?

To complete your application click on the button 'Apply Now', you will be asked to complete your online profile if it was not completed already.

Once we have received it we will contact you shortly in you match the position

Cafe Manager

Date : 23/03/2021


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